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  4. Test Generation of Crosstalk Delay Faults in VLSI Circuits
  5. Test Generation of Crosstalk Delay Faults in VLSI Circuits

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  5. Delay Fault Testing for VLSI Circuits?

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    Transition fault detection 1. March 21, 2. Contents Contents 1.

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    Delay Measurement Mechanism 3. OCDM 3. Detection Approach Detection Approach First approach1 is to model process variations and then use the model with test generation mechanism. In this approach process parameter combinations are generated for each defect. Test generation is continued until all the possible process parameters are covered. Detection Approach Delay fault testing under process variation Delay fault testing under process variation If the actual delays in a circuit instance assume the values as shown in Figure given below then the longest path is a, f, g and the previous test is no longer valid.

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    Instead, the test sequence 0,0 , 1,0 will detect the fault a c e g b d f 6. It does not require explicit modelling of process variations and can be assumed to be more computationally feasible than variation aware testing. Detection of a critical SDD in a manufactured circuit instance is guaranteed as long as one of the K paths selected, is indeed the longest sensitizable path.

    On-chip circuitry is used for:Faster than At-speed testing.

    Path delay characterization. Detection Approach Delay testing contd..

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    Broadside delay test LOC V1 is scanned in and is then replaced by the output of combinational logic in normal mode. An initial value of 0 is loaded into scan cell B. During the same load, a 1 is loaded into scan cell A. A second clock pulse will capture the value at cell C. If a 1 was captured into cell C, the transition propagated within the desired time between the launch and capture clocks.

    Types of simulation in vlsi ppt

    The circuit is therefore functional. If a 0 was captured, a timing defect exists. The accuracy of the at-speed scan-pattern application is only dependent on the accuracy of the launch and capture clocks. One clock is pulsed in functional mode to capture the response at the end of a path.

    The LOS delay testing approach can provide better delay fault coverage with smaller size of test pattern set as compared to LOC approach. LOS is usually avoided due to stringent time requirement for scan enable clock.

    In recent literature 2 3 work has been done to rectify this problem. ITC IEEE International , vol. Path delay characterization Path delay characterization Due to process variation the delay measurement is less predictable using simulations. Actual path delay is measured using on-chip circuits.

    Test Generation of Crosstalk Delay Faults in VLSI Circuits

    The output is then observed using external ATE. Delay information is then used to detect outliers and for silicon debug. Delay Measurement Mechanism Delay Measurement Mechanism On-chip measurement architecture measures the time interval between input and output of circuit and gives the output in the digital form. After every stage delay between the signal is reduced by 6. According to nX. With improvements in the semiconductor process technology, our expectations on speed have soared. A frequently asked question in the last decade has been how fast can the clock run.

    Test Generation of Crosstalk Delay Faults in VLSI Circuits

    This puts significant demands on timing analysis and delay testing. Fueled by the above events, a tremendous growth has occurred in the research on delay testing. Recent work includes fault models, algorithms for test generation and fault simulation, and methods for design and synthesis for testability. The authors of this book, Angela Krstic and Tim Cheng, have personally contributed to this research.