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Super Fun Apps to Play with Friends
  1. Truth or Dare
  2. How to play “Truth or Dare”
  3. Read Only If You Dare To Take Risks
  4. Good Dares to Use at a Party
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Stand up and do jumping jacks until your next turn.

Truth or Dare

Rub your armpits and then smell your fingers. Dig through the trash and name everything you find. I was adopted! Call a car part store and tell them that you need a part for your Model T. Take a selfie with the toilet and post it online. Call a pizza place and ask if they use cruelty-free wheat in their dough. Call your mom and tell her you can't find a girlfriend in a very panicked voice.

Take a plate of leftovers over to your neighbor, knock on their door, and say, "Welcome to the neighborhood" as if you'd never known them before. Wear you underwear over your pants for the rest of the game. Call the library and ask if they carry a dictionary that translates British to American. Send a Snapchat of you pretending to cry because you just found out you were adopted. Go on Facebook and write "How do you spell facebook? Sniff the armpit of the person next to you, and describe what it smells like to the entire group.

Go outside and hug a mailbox until at least three passersby have seen you. Go outside and try to summon the rain.

How to play “Truth or Dare”

Pick the nose of the person next to you. Single the Star Spangled Banner in a British accent. Take a picture of a tampon and post it on Instagram. Call and random number, and when someone picks up, immediately start singing the National Anthem. Call Target and ask them if they deliver popcorn.

Read Only If You Dare To Take Risks

Call Macdonald's and ask if they sell Whoppers. Call pizza shop and ask if you can return a pizza. Call a car dealership and ask if they have any horse buggies in stock. Call Macy's and tell them you're interested in buying them. Everything you say for the rest of the game has to rhyme. Sing instead of speaking for the next two rounds of the game.

Call a random number and sing "Happy Birthday. Dares for Girls Give yourself a second manicure. Every nail must be painted. Brush the teeth of the person sitting next to you. Text your crush and tell him you love him. Call a random number and try to flirt with the person who picks up. Stuff ice inside your bra and leave it there for 60 seconds. Let everyone rummage through your purse. Post a really long and serious Facebook status confessing your love for chocolate. Take your bra off under your shirt and don't put it back on until the end of the game. Do 10 pushups. Run around the house with a pair of underwear on your head.

Soak a shirt in water, put in the fridge for 20 minutes, and then wear it.

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  3. Truth or Dare.

Use three items in the fridge as lotion. Let the person to your left do you makeup. Call a guy of the group's choosing and tell him he's the ugliest person you've ever met. Dip you finger in the toilet and then kiss that finger. Lick a doorknob. Be blindfolded for the rest of the game.

Good Dares to Use at a Party

Let each person in the group crack an egg on your head. Sing everything you say for the rest of the game. Twerk to an N'sync song. Dip a toothbrush into the toilet water and brush your teeth with it. Let people throw food at you. Rub mayonnaise in you hair and leave it on for the rest of the game.

Love Me If You Dare (TV series) - Wikipedia

Trade clothes with the person next to you. Blindfold someone and have them kiss three objects. Get on your knees and walk like that until the end of the game. Silently do the macarena. Give yourself a permanent marker mustache. Shave one of your arms. Hold your nose while talking.

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  • Make a hand puppet by drawing a face on your hand, and use your hand to say what you want to say. Give everyone in the room a hug. Do as many squats as you can. On the front lawn. Go outside and hug a tree. Eat an ant. Attempt to breakdance.

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    5. Truth or Dare.

    Do the worm. Have a full conversation with yourself in a mirror. Put your shoes on the wrong feet and keep them there. Do a hula dance. Lick the wall. Make a silly face and keep it that way until the next round. Sing like an opera singer.

    Super Fun Apps to Play with Friends

    Wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes. Sing the chorus of your favorite song. For the next 15 minutes, everything you say must be spoken in baby talk. Put hot sauce on ice cream and eat it. Kneel for an hour. Admit on Facebook that you still wear a training bra.

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    Let someone in the group cut a piece of your hair. Do 50 situps. Call Walmart and ask if they do makeovers for prom. Call a tattoo shop and ask if they can tattoo 30 teardrops on your face. Let someone wax your back. Run down the street with a wet T-shirt on. Move across the floor using on your hands.

    Film a makeup tutorial and post it to Facebook. Drink water straight from a running faucet for a whole minute. Tweet or update your Facebook status to "I think eggplants are sexy. Dares for Guys Draw a tattoo with marker on your bicep.

    Give yourself a mohawk.