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  3. Translating Advanced Cancer Research into Personalized, Passionate Treatment.

Surgical Oncology

While surgery is a vital part of cancer treatment, it may not always be the right first step and other therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation given before surgery may actually improve the chances of removing the tumor completely. In some cases, we can even achieve comparable outcomes through non-surgical methods such as endoscopic therapy, targeted radiation, or catheter-based treatments given through the skin.


When surgery is necessary, we have the ability to offer less invasive methods such as laparoscopic or robotic when appropriate. In addition to world-class cancer treatment, we offer integrative medicine, nutritional services, and psychosocial support to help manage stress and ensure emotional well-being.

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We focus on treating specific diseases so we can ensure high surgical volumes with the greatest quality. The types of cancer we treat include:. Our physicians also treat many benign conditions of the breast, colon, liver, pancreas and other organ systems.

Surgical Oncologist: Rachel A. Greenup, MD, MPH

A Melanoma Clinic : This high-volume clinic sees more than 1, patients a year, making it one of the leading melanoma centers in the world. Our team includes dermatologists, medical oncologists, pathologists, and other experts. A Sarcoma Clinic : We treat sarcomas of the bone and soft tissue, seeing more than cases each year of this rare form of cancer.

Surgical Oncology

This experience sets us apart as. A Thoracic Oncology Clinic : Treating cancers of the lungs, chest wall, and esophagus, this clinic provides patients with multiple expert opinions through a multidisciplinary tumor board that assesses cases to determine the best course of action.

Education The Division of Surgical Oncology is an integral part of the University of Michigan General Surgery residency, and remains committed to the education of medical students and residents in the treatment of breast disease, skin and soft tissue tumors, and gastric cancer. Our current research interests include: Clinical trials to study the use of cryoablation freezing cancer as an alternative to surgery for patients with early-stage breast cancer.

In addition to the multiple clinical benefits, we are studying how cryoablation may also stimulate an anti-tumor immune response in the body. Understanding the relationship between the immune system and cancer stem cells, with a goal of advancing a cancer stem cell vaccine to the clinical trial stage.

Translating Advanced Cancer Research into Personalized, Passionate Treatment.

Defining the mechanisms by which immune cells influence the formation and growth of pancreatic cancer, in order to develop new treatment approaches for patients with this aggressive cancer. Learn more about our research. Division Chief. Michael S.