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  1. Eve Forward: Villains by Necessity
  3. By Charles Finch

Unfortunately, I think Forward has bitten off a little more than she can chew at this point in her career. One of the problems with writing villains as heroes is that they must be both evil and sympathetic. In the case of Forward's heroes, they are much more sympathetic than evil. In fact, much of their evilness seems to be put on for show without any real depth.

Villains on necessity

Similarly, the Good guys seem to have a little evil in them. This may be due to the selection of character occupations, but I think there is also a matter of characterisation v. I find myself feeling the same way with Forward's book. I do feel that this could be done better presented as a light vs dark conflict instead of good vs evil. Most of the villains were more dark than evil, and the actions of some of the heros are not what I would consider good.

Paperback Editions

The performance of the narrator was sub-par. It felt as though I was being read to, poorly.

Eve Forward: Villains by Necessity

I was never able to slip into the story and forget I was listening to an audiobook. Concentrating on the story was difficult between mispronounced words, microphone interference, and lack of tone. Excellent story. Narrator is dry at times. Story moves nicely. Intriguing characters and fun story. I love the book, I read it several times and was thrilled to find it here. When I was 16 years old my local library had a new release section displayed at the front door.

I spent many years walking by this stand and never looking at it I was more interested in the comic books and CDs.


One day I looked at the stand and saw a book that intrigued me. There was a knight running down a dragon with a lance. Out of sheer curiosity I grabbed it and checked it out of the library. As I sat at my parents dining room table I read the prologue and the first pages without stopping.

I eventually finished the book 2 days later, since I still had 12 days left on the check out, I read it again. Then again. I finally had to return the book and In about 2 months the library was selling it in their used section. I was so happy I bought the book and I can say I read it over 70 times and it still entertains me. I have not been able to read it over the last few years only because I and afraid the binding may go. I have been waiting for the digital and audio versions for a while now and I am happy to see they are available.

I have bought them and I am planning on wearing out my IPad with this book. I found the paperback in a library sale. I read every page like it was a gift. I gave the copy to a friend who was feeling down. I knew I had to go to the 6 lands again.

By Charles Finch

What happens when good wins and decides to the extra mile to make sure evil is forever defeated? The end of the world it seems. At least it will if an Assassin, a thief, a Druid, a Black Knight, and an Sorceress fail to bring back the dark and stop a blinding apocalypse. My only complaint is with the sound quality. Weird scratching sounds some times pop up and it sometimes sounds like the switch narrators.

But I love this story and have no problem recommending it to those who like classic fantasy with a twist. Its a shame because the concept of the story is new and really kind of interesting. But the performance of the narrator is SO bad I couldn't even focus on the story. Your audiobook is waiting…. Villains by Necessity. By: Eve Forward. Narrated by: Daniel Nicolai. Length: 19 hrs and 43 mins. People who bought this also bought Length: 8 hrs and 42 mins Unabridged Overall. Harrison Length: 16 hrs and 18 mins Unabridged Overall.

Length: 9 hrs and 17 mins Unabridged Overall. Level Up or Die! Publisher's Summary A twist on the classic fantasy novel. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Leticia Crow When good goes to far, villians must become heroes The tale of a time when the scales of goodness and evil tipped so much that villians were needed in order to shift the balance back and stop the light from destroying everything.

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DSI This may be due to the selection of character occupations, but I think there is also a matter of characterisation v. I find myself feeling the same way with Forward's book. Similarly, setting suffers even more than characterisation. The characters move from point a to point b without a whole lot of sense of movement. It is almost as if Forward thought, "okay, I need them to be here, poof , now they have to get here poof ".

Forward does bring a sense of humor to her writing, something which is probably necessary. However at times the humor seems anachronistic and jolts the reader from the story line.

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